QLife Marketplace FAQ

What is QLife Marketplace?

QLife Marketplace is a nationwide digital community of LGBTQ+-owned and allied businesses that connect into a rainbow network of possibilities. It's the first time that the gay-borhood comes together digitally at the national level to support and leverage each others' unique skills and talents. If there's anything we know, it's that we're stronger together. QLife Marketplace lets us collaborate across the country and, one day soon, the world.

What are the requirements to sign up?

There are no additional requirements to be able to join the QLife Marketplace. If you are already a chamber member of your local chamber, simply indicate that on the sign up form and you'll receive a 50% discount.

Is QLife Marketplace a Chamber of Commerce?

No! We value the work of so many LGBTQ+ chambers. They serve a vital purpose in their communities and we encourage all LGBTQ+ owned and allied businesses to join their local chamber. In fact, members of any US LGBTQ+ chamber of commerce receive a 50% discount when joining QLife Marketplace.

What is the goal of QLife Marketplace?

The goal of QLife Marketplace is to strenthen the connections between LGBTQ+ owned and allied businesses and the LGBTQ+ consumer. Though both B2B and B2C connections, the marketplace will provide not just a directory of businesses, but tools to run and grow your business and to keep LGBTQ+ dollars within the LGBTQ+ community.

What are some of the benefits of joining QLife Marketplace?

  • The marketplace will be visible to registered US businesses to stimulate B2B connections
  • A free subscription to QLife Money Magazine, mailed to all members starting in November
  • A growing knowledgebase of tools and resources essential to running your business
  • Member spotlights that feature new members in the marketplace and on social media
  • Provide exclusive offers to other marketplace members
  • Coming Soon!
    • Accept online payments, including credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and ACH payments right from your public marketplace page
    • Send electronic invoices and payment links to customers
    • Even more exciting benefits are in the works and we can't wait to share them with you.

Is there a minimum number of employees or business size required to join QLife Marketplace?

No! Businesses of all sizes are welcome to the Marketplace, whether you are a sole proprietor, freelancer, gig worker, small business, nonprofits, and private or public corporation.

What is an LGBTQ+-owned business?

We define an LGBTQ+-owned business as any business with an active participating LGBTQ+ individual that holds a material interest in the business. NGLCC certification requires a 51% interest. Businesses that hold an LGBTE certification can indicate their status in their organization profile.

What is an LGBTQ+-allied business?

We define an allied business as an organization that respects and supports the LGBTQ+ community. Allyship takes many shapes, but here are a few examples that we like to highlight:

  • If you hear an anti-LGBTQ comment or joke, speak up and explain why such comments or jokes are harmful and offensive.
  • Integrate inclusive language into your regular conversations and professional interactions.
  • Get involved with pro-LGBTQ groups and campaigns and contact your elected officials about LGBTQ rights.
  • Join pro-LGBTQ causes or groups on Facebook and through other social networking opportunities.
  • Support and partner with LGBTQ+ businesses.
  • Post a message in support of LGBTQ issues on social media.
  • Add your pronouns to your email signature or share your pronouns when introducing yourself to new friends or colleagues.
  • Stand up for LGBTQ issues in every aspect of your life — even if there are no LGBTQ people there to watch.
  • Put a supportive symbol or sign in your office or home, or on your vehicle. (For example, you could wear an LGBTQ ally button, add a rainbow sticker on your name badge at work, or put the Human Rights Campaign equal sign sticker on your car.

Financial Services FAQ

What is QLife Money?

QLife Money is the first nationwide financial services solution for LGBTQ+-owned and allied businesses. QLife Money addresses unique needs that can't be met by a legacy bank. QLife Money Business Accounts provide digital-first financial services with no monthly fees and no minimum deposits.


What is a QLife Money Business Account?

Businesses that join QLife Marketplace will be eligible to open a free QLife Money Business Account. We're providing full-featured financial services at your digital finger tips, with no monthly service fees, no minimum balance, low transaction fees, and no credit checks. 


Are the QLife Money Business Accounts open to all business types?

QLife Money Business Accounts are available to businesses of all sizes, including sole proprietors, gig-workers, small businesses, partnerships, nonprofit organizations, and corporations.


How does a QLife Money Business Account give me full control over my business finances?

QLife Money lets customers take full control of their business finances, including issuing debit cards in seconds and setting customized spending controls. QLife Money Business Account holders can create cards that work exactly how they want. Card managers can issue virtual or physical cards for one or multiple users, with pre-approved spending limits, locations, and notifications. Business owners can manage it all through a digital dashboard any time, making it even more streamlined to run their business.


What additional business tools and resources are available?

Soon, we'll also make it simple for small businesses to accomplish the business basics: accounting, sales tax reports, and paying bills, vendors, and subcontractors. We think that running a business is hard enough, and business owners shouldn’t be bogged down in everyday minutia. QLife Money is here to make it simple and easy to run your business.


Is a QLife Money secure?

QLife Money account services are provided by Stripe Payments Company with funds held at Goldman Sachs Bank USA, Member FDIC. The QLife Money platform is built and hosted on Amazon Web Services. All communication and transactions are industry-standard SSL-encrypted, ensuring the privacy and security of all customer data.


Are there any additional benefits?

Designed as a digital-first solution for B2B, the services will initially focus on the needs of businesses. Members will also receive a free subscription to QLife Money Magazine, featuring articles of interest to the LGBTQ+ business community, including interviews with business owners and community leaders around the country.


QLife Money Magazine FAQ